I am an admitted attorney specialising in labour law and labour relations in my practice as labour relations consultant:

  • Appointment letters and employment agreements
  • Representation at CCMA & Bargaining
    Council disputes (conciliations and arbitrations)
  • Assistance to employers and employees with retrenchments
  • Disciplinary hearings (as Chairperson or Charge Officer)
  • Labour relations policies & documents
  • Assistance & advice on grievances
  • IR & HR related documents & advice
  • Other labour relations issues


For your convenience, I travel to your business premises.

DJJ Lemmer - (B. Proc; BA Honours (Labour Relations) (cum laude); LLM (Constitutional Law))

Telephone: 078 319 7957

Fax: 086 578 0055

Email: danlem49@yahoo.com