My qualifications and experience:

I am an admitted attorney, practising as a labour relations consultant.


My tertiary qualifications are as follows:

B. Proc (University of Pretoria); BA Honours (Labour Relations)(cum laude)(University of Johannesburg); LLM (University of Pretoria).


As a member of an employer organisation, I have the right to represent members at the CCMA & various Bargaining Councils.


I have in excess of 25 years experience in the labour relations field in a corporate capacity (IR Manager), as practising attorney; as a dispute resolution official for an employer organisation and as a self-employed labour relations consultant.


As dispute resolution official and consultant I have represented many clients from different industries (Retail; Metal & Engineering Industry; Transport sector: Dry Cleaning sector; Education & Schools: Mibco; Fuel Service stations; and many more at the CCMA and various Bargaining Councils in conciliations and arbitrations.


I represented an employer organisation on the Board of the MEIBC (non-voting capacity) and in various sub-committees of the Board.


DJJ Lemmer - (B. Proc; BA Honours (Labour Relations) (cum laude); LLM (Constitutional Law))

Telephone: 078 319 7957

Fax: 086 578 0055